Dating me is like finding a rare flower – Tems

Grammy winning singer, Temilade Openiyi, known by her stage name, Tems, has given an insight into what being in a romantic relationship with her is like.

The 29-year-old Afrobeat sensation said described the experience of dating her as “stumbling upon a rare species of flower.”

Tems stated this during a chat with journalist, Chinasa Anukam in a recent episode of the ‘Is This Seat Taken’ podcast. The songstress used analogy to explain that her personality might not be attractive from the outside but beautiful on the inside.

She said; “Dating me is like stumbling upon a rare species of flower that looks black from the outside and when you open it, it has pink, purple but in the middle, there’s a stone.”

In related news…

CorrectNG reported earlier this month that Tems said any guy she chooses must be very funny, have emotional intelligence and be spiritual inclined or mature.

Tems talked about her spec while having a chat with Korty EO on her YouTube show, when asked if she would be open to welcoming new people.

She said it might be difficult because most times she knows men’s intentions and its very obvious that they want one thing from a woman. The songstress said she often sees new talking stages as ‘fake’ being that he has a hard time trusting what the guys say.

She went on to issue a public service announcement to interested suitors, saying that men who like her should prove it with their actions.

Tems said; “The thing is I know their intentions, most of the times they have one intention, as most guys do [Laughs]. They are very obvious, so how can I even trust this conversation we are having it’s not even real, everything you say is fake.

I have thing I am looking for, You have to be emotionally intelligent, very funny, and you have to be spiritually adept, inclined and mature. Just on that journey of your own. To boys that like me ‘show me’.”