Daniel Regha declares himself a ‘true fashion icon’

Nigerian Twitter Influencer, Daniel Regha has disclosed that he wears fairly used clothes (okrika) with pride.

He shared photos on his page and stated that okrika does not look good on anyone else than it does on him.

The controversial commentator who often critiques celebrities also praised himself by saying he is a true fashion icon.

He captioned: “Okrika has never looked so good; I’m a true fashion icon & that’s on periodt…😍”

In reactions netizens criticised him the same way he does celebs.

@gani_jonathan; The clothes look good but you should have used that money to help the poor or gift the clothes to the homeless after-all we know you with only two clothes and we’re fine with that. No offense!

@Sirfreshsemi; You are not a fashion icon Daniel. You are nowhere near fashion icon. And as a upcoming influencer that you are you need to stop bragging and hyping mid. You look cool but not good. No shade.

@uchenaezekiel; Dear Daniel, you have constantly brag about yourself and this not good for your followers and our society who expect better from you. One thing you always forgot to do is to iron your top correctly and this time you did it from the back though not properly.

@OmobaFash1; Nigerians are suffering,using Naira to buy naira..people don’t even know when and where their next meal will come from. Instead of you to use your platform to speak out for the people,you’re busy calling yourself a fashion icon cos of okrika..You need to do better. No shade!

Meanwhile, CorrectNG reported on Wednesday that Olajumoke Orisaguna, a former bread seller who became a model after going viral has resurfaced after years of leaving fans wondering what she’s up to.

The young mother of two made a grand return to the social scene by walking the runway at a recent fashion show.

A video showed the model being glammed up before she joined her colleagues to strut the runway with pride.

She donned outfit made by House of Sota at Black History and Lifestyle event.

Jumoke hit fame in 2016 when she photobombed a session of British rapper, Tinie Tempah, by Nigerian photographer, TY Bello.

Following the well-timed accidental placement of her in the picture with Tempah, she bagged several juicy endorsement deals and modeling jobs.

However, shortly after she became famous, her marriage started experiencing some rocky times and in 2019, she parted ways with her husband.

Ever since then she went silent but for the fashion show where she made a surprising appearance much to the excitement of her fans.