Daddy Freeze reacts to the news of young Nigerian man who ordered Wole Soyinka out of his seat on a flight

Daddy Freeze reacts to the news of young Nigerian man who ordered Wole Soyinka out of his seat on a flight

Earlier, we brought you a story of how a young Nigerian man exited Professor Wole Soyinka from his seat on a flight, a story which was shared on Instagram by oil mogul, Tonye Patrick Cole.

Tonye Cole had written on his Instagram page;

“I met one of the greatest Nigerians walking the earth today and as with other times, he was genteel, witty, forthright and humble. My smile gives me away as he permitted the picture whereas he would have preferred to get back to his newspapers.

Then we boarded the flight and after assisting him with his bags, he took the window seat and promptly started reading again.

A few minutes later this young man, baseball cap, t-shirt to show his muscled chest and tattooed biceps boards the plane and tells Prof he is on his seat (which he was). Those of us including the cabin crew tried to reason with Bobo Fine to let the old man be but the chap refused. He insisted Prof should vacate his window seat, which the old man quietly did for his original aisle seat next to him.

I couldn’t understand how we got to this point where we no longer have respect for elders, even if are so ignorant of the great global personalities in our midst. Is it too much to ask that an elderly man be allowed to remain in a seat allotted to you in the same business class cabin and the same row?
Na wa o!

This has got a lot of people reacting with divided opinions.

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One of those who has weighed in on the debate is Daddy Freeze. In an open letter to Tonye Cole, Freeze wondered what the respect Nigerians have so far given to their elders has done for us as a nation. In his post, Freeze stressed that the young man had the courage to demand for his right but Soyinka has over the years failed to demand for the rights of Nigerians from its leaders. Read his piece below

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Dear Tonye Cole,

I probably would have politely done the same thing the young man did.

Growing up, I was taught never to challenge my elders.
In retrospect, I find it difficult to point to what this has earned us as a people? Are we more morally upright, safer, richer and better than nations where children are encouraged to stand up to elders? NO!

Nigeria, with all our respect, has become the poverty capital of the world boasting of more people in extreme poverty than China and India combined, YES, COMBINED! (According to

Some of our elders have sold our birthright, lied to us about salvation and taken foolish decisions that have impoverished us.

What drew me to Prof. Soyinka in the first place was the fact that he never failed to challenge our leaders in power and religion, no matter their age.

The young man on the flight DEMANDED his right; if you can’t demand your right on a flight, how can you demand it from the government or church?

The government needs to provide amenities for the people, while the Church should be accountable to the last kobo, we MUST demand this!

Christ was less than 33 years old when he challenged the Pharisees, the authorities in religion of that time, who were in their 70s and 80s. ~FRZ

Watch the video Freeze shared below;

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  • comment-avatar
    Destiny 6 months ago

    is soyinka blind! damn that kind of respect. someone did that to me when I was travelling to abroad and I had him leave my seat! You can’t come and threaten us with old age. Oga, do what is right and the young ones will respect you

  • comment-avatar
    Jonny 6 months ago

    The guy did the right thing jo

  • comment-avatar
    Pastor ken 6 months ago

    Let’s not be parochial at this moment. Respect they say is reciprocal. This means, you sow respect as a seed and you reap respect.If you want people to respect you, you must respect them also. As an educated person at the point of booking your ticket, you have the option to choose your seat. That young man chose the window site for reasons best known to him. I think he should not be denied that privilege. Prof also should have opted for his choice of seat from the outset. What are we querrling about; the young man made his point clear and Prof obliged to it. Next time the elders in your village lay claim on your father’s property/ properties because he is dead, keep quiet and let them have their way because they are elders. That’s my submission.

  • comment-avatar
    James obed 6 months ago

    The whole scenario had nothing to do with respect,the guy simply demanded for his seat which I don’t see any wrong,are you going to leave you Mercedes Benz for  a Toyota Corolla for an elderly person?no.Wole should have sat on the seat allocated to him if he was not looking for trouble 

  • comment-avatar
    Phoenix Bholt 6 months ago

    personally I think from all angles they were both wrong, very wrong at that, according to the narrator, the guy was rude, not taking sides but respect to elders has been a core value since day 000 as Africans, still on this matter prof no talk, na amebo dae do all of us🎤

  • comment-avatar
    Rev. Francis Agbogidi 6 months ago

    Rev. Francis Agbogidi (AG Nig.)

  • comment-avatar

    prof Knows that the seat are numbered while seating on another seat

  • comment-avatar
    BlueKin 6 months ago

    Freeze, may I not term it cheap promo. If you say respect is dead, may you never see so from your Children,let’s see how unuseful that ethos is. If there is any reason the young lad necessarily needs to take his seat,there are always better ways to put it. According to the narrator the chap was somewhat “ungroomed”. If I never knew Prof. SOYINKA, I will respect the hair which rings how many Earth revolution around the Sun he’d experienced.
    Be told, P. SOYINKA was one of the undaunted dramatists who played dramas on stage that spoke against the draconian rule when Nigeria was under the iron grip of the military.
    Courtesy, IGBO boi that seeks the light.

  • comment-avatar
    eddysly 6 months ago

    I pray this get to all the elders n young guys,we must all process this. my take in all this is that it’s a scenario that should guide us all in our doing as a people. thanks

  • comment-avatar
    Papilo 6 months ago

    Daddy Freeze, you are wrong. mention the prosperous nation were the young are groomed to disrespect their elders. The boy might not be wrong in the eyes of the law but what he did is ethically unacceptable in any society here on Earth. Even if you meet an elder who’s fundamental ideology is diametral to yours, you don’t make your statement this this way.

  • comment-avatar
    Abuzahra 6 months ago

    Prof.knows the seat are numbered, why seating in another persons seat.If he is an illiterate I can forgive that but a global icon, hell no.

  • comment-avatar
    David 6 months ago

    Okay so this frozen person appears to always capitalize on trending news to score cheap publicity, what’s the essence of his comment now.
    I think it’s probably too late at your age and with your mindset to achieve half of what Prof Soyinka has achieved in life.

    The young man most certainly may not know Prof Soyinka, but again in this clime it is okay for people to frown at the incident.

    Respect for elders is biblical and those nations who don’t have it in their culture are full of regrets for the moral decadence overwhelming their society.

    It’s funny how you really don’t know the value of a thing until you lose it, that young man may also by that attitude have proven that the common good does not bother him as long as he has his way through any means, so where does that leave us as a people….??

    • comment-avatar
      smiley 6 months ago

      get out from here animal, what have you achieved with your respect? BLACK MONKEY

  • comment-avatar
    Gbola.... 6 months ago

    daddy freeze you need to be corrected on this, I think you are not aware of the days when wole Soyinka was on exile due to the fact that he stood up to the then military dictators in power and secondly I pray to do the same to you someday so you can have a piece of such cake

    • comment-avatar

      The news on what Daddy Freeze posted was wrongly reported. Read his post and U’d see that he commended Soyinka for the days he stood up for Nigeria.
      Read in between lines before judging