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Cynthia Morgan’s former manager, Joy Tongo trashes her online for looking for pity



Joy Tongo, the former boss and manager of Cynthia Morgan, has called out the singer, claiming she is only putting up this new look for self pity.

According to Tongo who claims to have managed Cynthia Morgan from 2011-2016, the raggae/dancehall artiste did she and Jude Okoye, her former record label boss dirt and she has proofs.

She took to her social media page to warn Cynthia Morgan that she is coming for her. She wrote; “Cynthia Morgan this is 2020, we haven’t forgotten all your dirt!”

“Internet does not lie, emails does not lie and much more. I am coming for you! All the dirt you did to I and Jude and others you must pay this time around. Is over 4 years and you are still talking trash!” she continued.

“Record Label /Management are not a charity organization . As Cynthia Morgan’s formal manager from 2011-2016 who have never spoken out , I can boldly say No one killed your career.”

“Your Pride and your nasty attitude was your downfall . You used your own hands and mouth to kill your once bubbling career. Since you can’t own up to your downfall of your music career and you are now trying to get people to have sympathy for you after 4 years.”

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