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Customs deputy comptroller collapses, dies during questioning at National Assembly

Deputy comptroller of finance administration and technical service at the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Essien Etop Andrew, on Tuesday, died after collapsing at the National Assembly.

The senior NCS official was fielding questions from members of the house of representatives committee on public account when he coughed and suddenly passed out.

After Andrew slumped on the floor on the green chamber, he was rushed to the national assembly clinic where he was confirmed dead.

Bamidele Salam, chairman of the committee, said the panel will suspend other hearings for one week to honour the late customs chief.

“It was a very sad incident. He was very eloquent and clearly understood the issues being considered. He suddenly said he wanted to drink water, to which we obliged and even asked if he needed some tea.

“It was sad he died in active service. Our committee is suspending other hearings for the week in his honour,” he said.

Spokesperson of the house of representatives, Akin Rotimi, in a statement asured that he House ensure that the circumstances leading to his sudden death are investigated.

He said the green chamber will “support efforts to understand the circumstances surrounding the incident and is cooperating fully with all relevant authorities to ensure all necessary protocols are followed”.