Customers cook food inside bank in Abia (Watch video)

Nigerians have turned a bank in Aba, Abia state into a makeshift restaurant amid the prolonged cash crunch.

While waiting to get cash at a bank in the state, Customers decided to make themseves at home and this saw them being comfortable enough to cook.

The residents arrived on the premises of the bank with camping gas, pots, other cooking utensils and started cooking food.

They prepared noodles and about four men took turns eating the food directy from as other residents queing at the Automated Teller Machines in the bank watched in awe.

A voice who spoke Igbo in the background said that residents have been camped within the bank premises for hours with the hope of getting some cash.

The person said that they had waited so long to the extent that they had to prepare a meal to eat while waiting to get cash.

Watch video below:

In other news, a Nigerian woman created scene at the bank she operates an account with after N600,000 mysteriously disappeared.

She said she had been saving the money at home without any issues of theft or fraud only for the money to disappear after she opened an account.

The devastated woman could be seen pacing back and forth in the banking hall while lamenting about the missing money.

She asked the bank to return her money if not she might do something deadly to somebody.

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