Customer confronts dispatch rider for allegedly eating food he ordered online (Video)

A Nigerian man has shared a video of him confronting a dispatch rider for allegedly eating out of the food he ordered online in Lekki, Lagos state.

He accused the delivery guy of diverting somewhere to eat the food before deciding to deliver what was left in the plate.

During an ensuing argument, the delivery man admitted opening the food but he denied eating out of it.

The customer said he had been informed by the online company that his food has reached its destination an ahour ago but the dispatch ride just called him few minutes ago before the recording to say he has arrived.

The rider continued to deny eating any portion of the food and insisted that all he did was to open it and look inside.

A part of the video showed him holding the packaged food and he offered to refund the customer if he still believes that he ate the food.

Watch video:

Reacting, marybakes_ph_lagos; No vex Abeg hunger dey 😂😂😂😂

officialbobbyfredrick__; He even has pride ,no remorse at all ,if he has the money to refund him why didn’t he just buy for himself, junior anini😂

aimee_jay02; It’s not even funny sef…blood go flow if na me😫😂

brodashaggi said; Why people dey do like this na. Seeing comments like “No vex na hunger” I don’t know why we support bad attitudes and give excuses for them. There’s no justification for this act at all cos he no suppose try am at all. You work as a dispatcher and you’re paid for your job, so why eat a customer’s food ? This is just so wrong Abeg 🤦🏾‍♂️

enoobong100; Because of food you dey record person,not everything you bring to social media

tech_xi; U get money to refund give them,why u no use the money buy your own food? Just the tempt people if them nack u 2by2 now u faint them go say na because of food them kill u🥺 why I come the vex sef? Na my food?😂😂

nnenna_blinks_; I think is a high risk ordering food online. If it’s not the vendor delivering. What if all these Werey dispatchers scratch nyash, carry the hand put for your meal

medicaster01; Na poverty. You know the way this whole country just be. Government needs to do more in curbing the excesses of these dispatch rather…bulubalabala

tenovertenautos; I stil don’t understand why companies or people delivering food through dispatch can’t SEAL it properly or put a tag for you to know it’s been tampered it once the seal is broken. Asides eating it what if a silly people puts some substance in the food and hands it over? You sef ordering food don’t accept food that’s not properly sealed. It’s risky and unhealthy.

organicoilplus; He’s not even sorry Tah and some uncultured ones like him will support him

robyekpo; This is all shades of wrong mehn! Why would he do that? All those saying “Na hunger cause am” only means, you’re supporting bad attitude. Deliver the food for God’s sake!! You’ve been paid for it…why eat a customer’s food and you have the guts to justify rubbish! I’m livid abeg!

iamchikeagadal; These are the problems with running businesses such as Deliveroo in Nigeria . There’s way to much hunger in the land they literally have to design a unique type of seal.