Cubana Chief Priest’s alleged baby mama challenges him to do DNA test for their child

A Kenyan lady who claimed to have given birth to a baby for Nigerian businessman, Cubana Chief Priest asked him to have DNA test conducted on the child if he doubts the paternity.

She appealed to him to do it for the sake of the child after he denied being responsible even though she insisted he belongs to the club owner.

The woman also asked him to take care of their child because she has no money or job, and expecially because he was the one who told her to keep the child.

Cubana had said; “I am so rich that if I have a child outside my matrimonial bliss no one will know about it. Gistlover feels I can pay him/her for blackmail that’s so funny me of all people.

Oba without palace if e sure for you pay for the logistics for the DNA with your money I go run am, if the baby is mine I will double your expense if you can’t afford to pay show yourself and I will spend my money to do it.

Social media kidnapper you Dey find money, You guys have been trying to blackmail me since last year to give you money. It’s a huge disrespect to me to say my child was born in Kenya of all places God forbid I assemble my babies In Nigeria and make them in America am too detailed to do such low key.”


But in a fresh response to her pleas, Cubana agreed to have the paternity test done, but he said that he will not send money to her or give in to her’ cheap blackmail.

Cubana Chief Priest said that if he genuinely knows he has another baby outside, he will take care of the child.

He wrote; “How on earth will I fall for this ok I told you I will do Dna but stop asking me to send you money I can’t be sending money for what am not sure when your baby is ready to travel come to Nigeria we will do a Dna you said no I should just send you money now.

This whole thing is strange to me I love babies If I genuinely know I have one I will take care of it this is funny to me till science proves it but what I will not succumb to is being threatened to send money now no till the baby is proven to be mine I can’t start spending my money.

Why the rush take you time we will do the Dna when you can travel because I can’t come to Kenya and you are threatening me with gistlover. From day 11 told you I don’t know you and in all honesty I don’t know you. I am human am imperfect but above all I can still make amends. She knows am a nice guy my good deeds are far bigger than my bads she will forgive me.”