Cubana Chief Priest reveals how his late mom helped him become successful

Celebrity barman, Pascal Okechukwu better known as Cubana Chief Priest, has revealed that he is a blessed man and it is all thanks to his mother, who passed away years ago.

The socialite said much of the success he enjoys today is because his mother drew him closer to God, who in turn blessed him beyond his imagination. He said she introduced him to Catholicism where he often attended morning masses, charismatic renewal among others.

Cubana Chief Priest, while acknowledging his late mom’s contribution to his success, however, noted that his biggest pain in life is that she no more to witness his greatness.

The club owner and business man moured his mom in a social media post and went on to disclose plans to reconnect with his Catholic roots.

He wrote: “The morning masses, the benedictions, the charismatic renewal, the block rosary, the processions & sacraments were never in vain; those are the reasons God has blessed me beyond imagination, but the most painful pain I live with is that my mother who drew me close to mother Mary is no longer here with me to witness The Greatness From Ave Maria. Keep resting in peace, Mom.”

Meanwhile, in other news…

CorrectNG recalls that Nollywood actress and socio-political activist, Iyabo Ojo earlier revealed that she does not attend church.

The seasoned thespian disclosed this during an episode of Celebrities Quickies where she also noted that unknown to many, she is “very religious”.

The mother of two, who was asked to reveal something about her that people don’t know, also recalled being the first person that gave her life to Christ in her family.

Iyabo said; “I am a very religious person. I don’t know if people know that about me though. But I don’t go to church. Is that not weird?

“Growing up, I think I am the first person that gave her life to Christ in my home. And I joined the choir. I was in the choir for about four years. And I read the bible from Genesis to Revelations back-and-forth trying to know God before backsliding.”