Court orders businesswoman to submit to her husband

A Customary Court sitting in Jikwoyi, Abuja, has admonished one Mrs Murikat Nura to be submissive to her husband.

The husband, Mr Matthew Nura took the matter to the court, accusing his working class wife of always fighting and disrespecting him.

The presiding Judge, Dada Oluwaseyi, on Friday, July 7, 2023 directed Murikat to be humble and submit to him as the head of the house.

“You don’t marry a man you cannot submit to. For the fact that you have married him, you are bound to submit to him. This is the exact reason why I always advise parties intending to tie the knot to be sure before they say ‘I do’.

“Don’t have a mindset that there is an option to opt-out. Women be submissive to your husband, so it is written in the holy book,” the judge said.

Oluwaseyi advised the couple to think about the children that came out of their marriage before making any decision.

“Don’t let those little kids be products of a broken home, for their sake please drop your ego, pride and unforgiving attitude. Reason beyond the flesh; marriages got bad because we reason in the flesh. For the sake of these little children, I want you both to reconcile”.

The judge adjourned the matter till July 27, for a report of the settlement.

In other news, an Enugu Magistrate court awarded the sum of N150,000 in damages to a man in his suit against a lady who dishonoured an agreement.

The woman had received N3,000 from him as transport fare on the premise that she will visit him, but she failed to show up.

He then dragged her to court for obtaining money under false pretenses and she was ordered by the chief magistrate to pay him N150k. The petitioner told the court that after he sent her the money, she switched off her phone.

The case was shared by a lawyer known on Twitter as @egi_nupe, who said the magistrate awarded damages against the lady to serve as a deterrent.

He wrote; A court in Enugu has reportedly set a good precedent by awarding damages of 150k against a lady. She was given 3k as transport fare to visit a guy and after collecting the money, she switched off her phone and refused to visit him. Infuriated by her action, he reported and sued her for deceit.

In the judgement, the magistrate held that the lady’s action was deceitful and awarded the sum of 150k against her to serve as deterrence to others with such deceitful behavior.