Court orders Kano man to kill his rooster for disturbing neighbours

A Kano magistrate court has ordered one Isyaku Shu’aibu who owns a rooster notorious for its loud crows to slaughter it.

Two neighbours of the appellant filed a complaint with the court claiming that the rooster’s relentless crows disturbs their sleep and peace of the neighbourhood.

In a ruling on Tuesday, April 4, the Magistrate Halima Wali gave Shu’aibu the order to slaughter his rooster on Friday, April 7, 2023.

One of the plaintiffs, Yusuf Muhammed, of Ja’en quarters told the court that the rooster’s relentless crowing was an infringement of his right to a restful sleep.

Shu’aibu, who admitted that his rooster has a knack for crowing loudly, prayed the court to stay the judgement until Friday.

The magistrate, convinced by the complainants’ argument, ruled that the cock should be caged and slaughtered on 7th of April.

Meanwhile, a Magistrate court in Enugu reportedly awarded the sum of N150,000 in damages to a man in his suit against a lady who dishonoured an agreement.

The woman had received N3,000 from him as transport fare on the premise that she will visit him, but she failed to show up.

He then dragged her to court for obtaining money under false pretenses and she was ordered by the chief magistrate to pay him N150k. The petitioner told the court that after he sent her the money, she switched off her phone.

The case was shared by a lawyer known on Twitter as @egi_nupe, who said the magistrate awarded damages against the lady to serve as a deterrent.

He wrote; “A court in Enugu has reportedly set a good precedent by awarding damages of 150k against a lady. She was given 3k as transport fare to visit a guy and after collecting the money, she switched off her phone and refused to visit him. Infuriated by her action, he reported and sued her for deceit.

In the judgement, the magistrate held that the lady’s action was deceitful and awarded the sum of 150k against her to serve as deterrence to others with such deceitful behavior.”