Court dismisses suit against vendor arrested last year for calling out Caramel Plugg

The case involving Ruth, a clothe vendor who was arrested last year for calling out social media influencer, Caramel Plugg over breach of contract, has been dismissed.

A human rights legal firm, Citizens Gazel secured Ruth’s release and served as her counsel until the case of alleged defamation of character was thrown out.

It may be recalled that in July 2023, the online vendor who accused the content creator of not giving her credit on social media for a free clothe she gifted her.

Court dismisses suit against vendor who got arrested for calling out Caramel Plugg

She had recounted how she gave Caramel Plugg clothes for an event and did not demand payment, rather she requested that she tags her, but the influencer instead gave credit to another brand.

After taking to her Instagram page to call her out, Caramel stormed the vendors’s place with police officers and got her arrested.

Giving an update after 9 months, Citizens Gavel said a court dismissed the defamation suit on the 22nd of February, 2024.


Imagine struggling to make ends meet with the small business you are managing and gbam! You get slammed with a defamation lawsuit. This was Ruth’s unpalatable experience.

Ruth’s legal saga began in July 2023 when she was arrested for calling her client out on social media for breach of contract, leading to a defamation charge. Citizens’ Gavel, represented by @AgihSylvester, stepped in and secured her bail after nine days behind bars.

However, Ruth’s legal battle did not end there. Finally, after months of legal proceedings and the diligence of our legal team, Ruth’s battle ended on the 22nd of February, 2024, as the case was struck out.”