Couple who broke up last year tie the knot months after getting back together

A Nigerian woman known as Jenn Adaoma has shared the turbulent love story of how she met a man on Twitter, broke up and reconciled.

The lady revealed that they are currently husband and wife but the relationship was not always a bed of roses as it had ups and downs.

She said that that her hubby commented on her tweet in March 2023 and they got talking before it matured into them becoming a couple.

However, the went their separate ways on 26th of June 2022 and got back together in 1st of July of the same year.

Fastforward to 2023, Adaoma and her man are now happily married after weathering the storm together.

She wrote; “We Met On Twitter

How it Started and. How It’s Going

So this Guy @its_tuxtorlan Commented on My Tweet and that is how the ship started 11 – 03-22. It was a Long Ride No Relationship is Perfect We Put In So Much Work To Be Here Today, We Broke Up 26-06-22 got Back 1-07-22

We went on like that. Nights of Unexplainable Tears, Fights but We Stick together found common ground on how to resolve issues without tearing eachother down.

So Here we Are Inseparable, Loved and Married Legally. @Austeiin And @HilarySeiyefa. My People Comma Celebrate with Us. Na the Shocker be This.”

Similarly, CorrectNG reported that a Nigerian lady identified as Nancy is set to walk down the aisle with the love of her life two years after meeting on Twitter.

The pretty lady slid into his DM in March 2020 and asked if he would interested in playing iMessage (online games for iPhone) with her.

He showed interest and asked for ID, then she told him to add her number. Fast-forward to 2022, and they are engaged to be married.

Nancy shared screenshots of their first chat on Twitter and subsequent dates they went on before reaching the point of engagement.

The beautiful young lady also posted some stunning pre-wedding photos, captioned; “From Twitter DMs to iMessage to Forever. #ATPeace”