Counsellor Ola-Samuel reveals major cause of increased divorce rate

A Nigerian marriage counsellor, Bosede Ola-Samuel has said the irregular sexual activities among couples is one of the major factors causing dissolution of many marriages.

She stated this on Thursday while delivering a lecture titled “Dangers of Irregular Sex” during the ‘Veterans Day’ as part of the activities to mark 2023 Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Oyo State council Press Week.

She said many women endure marriages rather than enjoy it and they are often subjected to an unenjoyable, irregular sex life by their husbands.

Ola-Samuel explained that this was causing dissolution of many marriages, because some women find it difficult to endure.

According to the counsellor; “Many men act like helicopters whose engine kicks and takes off immediately, whereas their women are like aeroplanes which must be kicked by its pilot and made to taxi a long distance before eventually taking off.”

She added that the number one sxx organ of any woman is not her breast but her mind. She stressed that women are first aroused by words and foreplay unlike men that are visually stimulated.

Ola-Samuel said; “Their [women] body is not moved by what they see, unlike men that see women’s private regions and immediately get moved and are ready for action.

“Many women as aeroplanes begin sex enjoyment when the helicopter in their husbands has completed flying and lands.

“And immediately his helicopter touches the ground, he turns to face the wall, leaving the aeroplane’s engine to groan. That is a fire brigade approach which turns many of us off when the issue of sex comes in.

“For the husband and wife to enjoy sex properly, especially during the menopausal stage of the wife when her vagina is no more free due to natural change, good talks, romantic touches, appealing inducement, creating happiness, helping to do some house chores- all help to move wives to accept sex and enjoy it.

“If such is done regularly, enjoyable sex will be experienced, thereby bringing peace, harmony, love and progress to the family.”