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Corps member narrates how she ran into her dad and his sidechic at a party



A female Corp member has taken to micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to narrate how she and her friend who is also a Corp member met her friend’s dad and his side-chic at a party in Lagos. The Corp member told her father she was in Abuja for her final clearance and her dad told the family he’s going to Port-Harcourt for official purpose.

According @Ayokaade_ who shared the gist on Twitter, when her friend saw her father and his side-chic, she couldn’t confront him because she told her father she was in Abuja.[AdSense-A]

Read the Tweets below;

So we were at this party last night and my friend saw her dad came in with a young lady..
She told her father she’s in Abuja (NYsC)..
Her dad told the family he’s going to Port-harcourt for official purpose..
We were in Lagos..

We had to leave through the back door 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣..
She wanted to go greet him and ask who the girl is..
Lmao, we had to ask her what will happen to ‘Daddy I’m going to Abuja for final clearance ’ ??

Can’t even tell her mum her dad is cheating, cause where and how will she begin the explanation.
The girl was so peng 😫they were even doing lovey dovey 😭😭😭..
Menaskum tuehhh

See some of the reactions of other Twitter users;

Like father like daughter 🤣🤣

The mum is somewhere praying for them both

Nah d man real pikin bidat, she get am from him papa not her mama

The bush meat had finally caught the hunter, all those warnings of don’t follow boys, he’ll explain himself now.. 😂

So the friend has been doing her friends daddy niyen to get him to go for an official trip in portharcourt that held in Lagos…. Fantastic

What if she came with another young girls Father which could be the father of the young girl with her father,would be father-dating.

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