Confusion as bride makes U-turn during exchange of vows in church (Video)

There was mild drama and confusion at the venue of a wedding after the bride changed her mind about getting married to her lover.

She declined tying the knot with with her husband-to-be when they were about exchanging vows at the pulpit.

A video which has gone viral on social media captured the moment the bride said No when the officiating minister asked if she would take him as her husband.

The pastor repeated the question to get clarity that she was certain about what she said.

Someone approached the bride and groom as if to ask questions, but the man signalled the person to stay back.

Some attendees could be heard muttering questions below their breath as they wondered if she was serious.

”What’s happening”, someone probed.

At some point wedding guests began to stand up from their seats and calmly walked out probaby because the wedding they attended had been abruptly ended by the bride’s statement.

Watch the video:

Reacting, nellynells__ said; Broken engagement is better than a broken marriage

realujunwamandy_; Na only she knows Wetin her eye don see!

wendy_adammaaa; Nah by force ? A broken wedding is better than a broken marriage.

_adasamuel; That man’s dry skin is irritating 🤢

mideronke; And that guys skin 😢🤮Camera woman u Dey ment 🙄What is ‘apinin’ oshi wo lo ask.

patalfredc; Better for the lady and the guy than marry with doubt in your mind

ruth_adewole_o; If she’s done traditional or civil wedding, she is married o.

christianah_abadun_; Why wait till wedding day before breaking up tho?

mercyblaq_coll; Why dressed up and come to church when you know you will not marry him why no not speak out before coming to church

bree_star111; Na only she know why!!! Let’s leave it like that, before we hear Justice for unknown

dan.warren135; If na the man break up on wedding day , all these two sides Gender will almost tear him oo , see dem giving excuses on her behalf that “ Na she know weytin her eyes see “.