“Commercializing gospel music is a scam” – Singer Zamorra

Nigerian street singer, Zamorra has opined that it is wrong for gospel music to be commercialised by gospel artistes.

He took to his Twitter account on Thursday state categorically that the act of commercialising gospel music is a scam because it is supposed to be free.

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Zamorra generated reactions from a cross section of religious fanatics and ardent Christians, who found his line of thought worrisome.

He wrote; “Commercializing gospel music is a scam!!!! it’s the gospel! it’s to be free!!!! It’s an awkward occupation, lol really, commercializing the good news cos you made dem into melodies? How many hymnal composers were invited to your church to perform Hymns while you were growing up 😂😂😂🐈‍⬛🔊”

A user @MadQueenLadysaid; Even the Levites in the Bible had an allocation for them. Will the church start feeding them from everyone’s income?

But Zamorra replied; “That’s not commerce, that’s tradition! The levites have no other job, they are a triibe dedicated to priesthood! Know before you spill ma.”

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In related news…

Nigerian actor and reality TV star, Seyi Awolowo said earlier that it is okay for gospel artistes to charge before agreeing to perform at religious events.

The former Big Brother Naija contestant urged them to monetise their music, because they have responsibilities to cater for despite being their chosen field.

Seyi Awolowo stated this during a recent interview when asked whether gospel artistes should be paid or compensated for their talents.

He said; “If you got a talent, you gotta make your money. So because of religion someone shouldn’t get paid? We need to knock that mindset out. We literally need to take out that sentiment.

“Let’s actually build on ourselves. If you have a talent if you can monetise it the right way, do so. You need to sell your talent.”