Comedian Alibaba calls out Nigerians doubting the declared wealth of the Governor of Oyo State

Comedian Alibaba calls out Nigerians doubting the declared wealth of the Governor of Oyo State

Veteran Nigerian comedian, Alibaba has called out those doubting the wealth Seyi Makinde, governor of Oyo State declared to the Oyo State office of the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) in Ibadan.

According to details of the asset form made public, Makinde has cash at hand and in the bank worth N234,742,296.01, while in dollar terms, Makinde has cash valued at $30,056.99 as of May 28, 2019.

Reacting to doubters, he shared a post by Gimba Kakanda and wrote;

I see many people are doubting the wealth (Assets) of the Governor of Oyo State, as Declared.

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What a lot of people don’t know, is that, not everyone flaunts wealth. The people who are rich, often flaunt their money. Those who are wealthy invest theirs.

Someone said he declared his assets ahead of time, So that he can claim he already was that rich before he got into office.

That is our mentality in Nigeria. Once we cannot imagine or figure out how someone came by his wealth, we make up the stories of how the wealth came about.

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Many people used to say, comedians were lay abouts. Some even said it’s wives that took care of them. Then they started seeing how those who had full time house wives were living and the narrative changed.

People can be legitimately rich. And stupendously wealthy, without illegal source of funds. Sadly, we are too used to people around us who are rich through questionable means, so anyone who is too loaded must have been so rich, by crooked means.

Meanwhile, 80% of the wealth potentials in the comedy industry is yet to be activated. Just so you know.

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Read a report that N3b was spent in cinemas in Nigeria. That’s tax collected by the government alone in well structured economies.

As for a governor, who had been in the oil and gas industry, since 1997, that N45b asset declaration is at best, even modest. There are militants, who only joined the “STRUGGLE” in 2006 by 2009, they had over N45b.