Come for me but don’t mock my God – Pastor Adeboye warns critics

General Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor E.A Adeboye, has urged those who criticize or mock him to do so with caution.

The cleric spoke during his sermon and anointing service at the monthly Holy Ghost service with the theme: “Shielded by Fire” at The Redemption City of God.

Don't mock my God - Pastor Adeboye warns critics

He warned that those who criticise him unfairly may ultimately meet unfortunate ends due to their actions. Adeboye said even though he is nothing and weak, those mocking him and the mission should know that his God is a consuming fire.

Pastor Adeboy said; “If Paul, who wrote more than half of the New Testament, claimed to be less than the least of the saint, according to Ephesians 3:8, Pastor Adeboye is nothing.

“However, his God is everything. Listen to me carefully, Adeboye is one stupiid boy and I would prove it to you before I close, But his God is wiser than the wisest.

“Adeboye is weak, he eats pounded yam and goes to the toilet. But his God is stronger than the strongest. Adeboye is nothing but his God is the All-sufficient God. So there is nothing spectacular. There is no big deal if you mock Pastor Adeboye. He deserves to be mocked.

“The word of God made it abundantly clear. Anyone that God will use must be weak, foolish, and a nobody, so that only God will take the glory. So you can mock Adeboye, but you must not mock his God. Why? Because Adeboye is nothing, there is nothing he can do to you. But his God is a Consuming fire.”