CNN blasts Trump for banning Nigerians, lists their achievements in the USA

CNN blasts Trump for banning Nigerians, lists their achievements in the USA

A CNN analyst and popular talk show host, Fareed Zakaria, has criticized the Trump administration after giving analysis of the ban on Immigration from Nigeria and why it  “does not make sense.”

Nigeria and 5 other countries were slammed with visa restrictions from the US government in February for a range of reasons stemming from overstays and poor intelligence sharing.

The American journalist, however, said the “argument does not really make sense”, citing a data from CATO institute.

According to the data, “No one born in Nigeria, Myanmar, Tanzania, and Eritrea have been responsible for a single terror-related death on American soil between 1975 and 2017.”

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He went on to list some of the achievements of Nigerian immigrants in the US saying;

“They are some of the most educated immigrants in America. “According to the Migration Policy Institute, 59% of Nigerian immigrants age 25 or older in the US hold at least a Bachelors degree, which is nearly doubled the proportion of the Americans born in the US (33%),” Zakaria said.

“Nigerian immigrants tend to work high skilled jobs, 54% are in largely white-collar positions in business, management, science and the art compared to the 39% of people born in the US,” he added. This, according to Zakaria’s analysis, means that Nigerian immigrants have significant spending power.

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The American journalist also cited a new report by the New American Economy which states that Nigerian immigrants in the US in 2018 made more than $14 billion and paid more than $4 billion in taxes.

The report also states that Nigerian diaspora around the world sent back almost $24 billion in remittances, contributing to the Nigerian economy that is “more dynamic than many people, including Trump himself realise”.

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