Church member that respects me snatched my wife – Prophet cries out

A Nigerian clergyman, Theophilus Ayodeji Obayan has dragged his wife, Prophetess Chibuzor Lilian Obayan to a Grade ‘A’ Customary over alleged infidelity.

The founder of Divine Prophetic Solutions Prayers Ministry claimed that his wife was snatched by a married church worker whom she’s been having an affair with.

Prophet Obayan who is seeking a divorce, also accused the man of marrying his wife unlawfully. He appealed to the court to grant him custody of his four children and to dissolve his 23-year-old marriage.

The cleric said his wife hails from Abia State and she changed the surname of his children to that of her new husband, Prince Abua Obi.

According to him, Obi always addresses him as ”Daddy” and calls his wife ”Mummy”.

Obayan said: “My wife and I have a ministry in Lagos with a large congregation. But at present, she is married to Prince Abua Obi, a junior worker in our church where both of us led as shepherds.

“My lord, Prince Abua Obi is legally married with children. He and his wife are both workers in our ministry.

“The couple used to revere us, such that they call my wife and I, daddy and mummy. But to my surprise, my wife started an illicit affair with the man and she is married to him now. She re-registered the Church in 2019 and even changed my children’s surname to Obi.

“My wife went ahead to change the name of the church we co-founded from Divine Prophetic Solutions Prayers Ministry to Peace of Jerusalem Revival Ministry in the same location.

“I have run to God and the court to seek justice on this matter. Let her leave me, but she should not take my children away from me.”

His wife’s counsel, B. Odudu, reminded the court that the plaintiff lacked the five elements of customary marriage in Ibo land.

She said the six witnesses who testified for the Prophetess corroborated their testimonies that there was no marriage between the petitioner and the respondent.

“In Ibo land, it is their custom that if the bride price has not been paid in any relationship, they don’t see the man as husband and father of his children.

“Treaty, the concept of parental agreement, handing over of bride and payment of bride price were not in the relationship,” Odudu said.