Children dey cry, parents dey cry – Mother-of-two hits the streets to sing about Nigeria’s situation (Video)

A Nigerian woman attracted attention of residents when she stormed the streets to give a rendition about the suffering many are experiencing in Nigeria.

In a viral video, the mother of two who could be seen with her kids, sang a song of lamentations as people watched in awed silence.

She addressed the issue of money scarcity and how people are forced to buy naira with naira from POS vendors, BDC operators and other money merchants.

The woman paced back and forth with one of her child strapped to her back while they other stood close to her side.

The mother used the lyrics of the song to make an appeal to government to look into the plight of the people as people are dying and the society is becoming more dysfunctional

She noted that children, and adults were crying all because of the naira shortage. She also mentioned some of the outbursts at banks where people stripped to demand cash.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a honest Nigerian man passed off on a chance to be over one million naira richer after money was mistakenly credited to his account.

The guy known as @KingOpeOfAbj on Twitter said 1,900 BUSD equivalent to N1.4 million was deposited into his Bitcoin wallet and he had the thought of using the money to celebrate this December.

He said he thought of booking flight to Lagos immediately and commence steady ‘balling’ with the money. However, he had a change of heart because he later realised that it was not miracle money.

He wrote; “Earlier today someone mistakenly deposited 1900 busd to my Wallet, that’s like N1.4m, lots of thoughts came in like Abi na December miracle money ni, make I rush book my Lagos flight go do 2weeks balling back to back with 1.4m.

but then I knew… It was NO miracle money, this is definitely someone’s hard earn money and it’s December, what if it was my money?

I mean it could someone’s whole year savings so i decided to leave it while waiting to be contacted by the owner or customer service which happened this evening. It was fully refunded. Well… guess I won’t be oppressing nobody in Lagos this December 🌚”