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Child Molestation: Video of primary school pupils reciting anti-sexual assault song at assembly (Watch)



In light of the sexual assault case against actor, Baba Ijesha, and the rise of child molestation incidents, a yet-to-be identified school has begun to teach its pupils how to spot and report inappropriate or obscene behaviour perpetrated against them.

A video circulating on social media platforms shows pupils of the school singing an anti-sexual assault song believed to have been taught them by the school’s administration.

”If you touch my private I will tell, I will tell it to my mummy, I will it tell my daddy, if you touch my private part I will tell”, they could be heard reciting during the morning assembly.

Watch the video below:

Social media users lauded it as a welcome development.

See some comments below..

@SumoBaraskee said; Very good, I love this. Every Crèche, nursery & primary schools should enlighten their pupils daily about sexual abuse or even add it to the schooling program (curriculum).

@Timinstinct; Nawa, baba Ijesha Don cause public sensitisation. A welcome development indeed

@adrenal_ynn; It’s better abeg. High time they start teaching this in school

@Teethshiner; I don’t know why is only when things get to the extreme we take action. Sex education has always been part of our curriculum but because of the shyness to talk about it most schools shoved it off.

@G_Samito; This is an amazing initiative. God bless the people behind this.

These children would subconsciously feel obligated to “tell” their parents whenever anyone touches them… it’s going to work!!!

@Dolatoye1; Love the fact that the children aren’t laughing at the mention of their private parts, moreso touching and pointing at them without any shame. This should be replicated in all schools. Aftwr national anthem, this one should be sung too!

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