Child agbero grabs microphone during interview, threatens female reporter (Video)

A Congolese reporter found herself being bullied by a street boy during an interview that took a strange dimension.

The journalist visited a poor neighbourhood to do a report on homeless and out of school children, but a boy who seems to be notorious in the area took over the interview.

He grabbed the microphone from the famale reporter and started making a string on unintelligbilbe statements.

She tried to take back the microphone from him, but the kid charged at her as if he wanted to attack and she fearfully retracted.

When she continued her attempts to repossess the microphone, the child tout picked up a stone and threatened her.

He, however, dropped the stone and grabbed the reporter by the waist as if too woo the lady. After some moments of tussle, he eventually gave it to her and she interviewed him.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, CorrectNG reported earlier that Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi expressed excitement that one of the things she set out to do upon her return to Nigeria is yielding positive results.

The mother-of-two took to social media to inform fans and followers that a man wooed her, and she posted the video proof.

Korra Obidi visited her Alma Mater in Lagos and she decided to wear the school uniform while causing a stir.

She said she was craving attention from men in the trenches and her wish was granted because a man approached her.

In the video, the celebrity dancer could be seen parading the streets in the uniform when a man walked up and engaged her in a conversation.

She captioned the clip; ”Was craving some trenches toasting.”

Reacting, user haqim_al said; If you can’t respect yourself by dressing properly as a role model and a mother, at least respect the school you finished from by dressing properly. I pray you don’t get yourself into another problem with the skimpy school uniform.

iyoreojomo; Leave her alone. She’s an artist and this is what they do. If you can’t watch then unfollow her. No one is holding you hostage here. Let her do her and you do you as long as she’s happy that’s what counts.

princess_value; I don’t understand why some People still ask “sorry what’s your name” like you don’t know big korra before you approach her huh😂 mhen big Korra to the world 🌎 🔥

This came after the Instagram Influencer announced that she is about to begin searching for a second husband.

Korra made this known in an Instagram post while announcing that she intends to find a man back home in Nigeria.

The mother-of-two recently finalised her divorce with her american husband, Justin Dean and she also won the custody battle.

Korra shared a video of herself while about to board a plane at the airport. Another clip showed when she reunited with her father and siblings.

She captioned; ‘‘Me headed to the Motherland to recruit husband number 2 🫣 See you soon 😂 🇳🇬🇬🇭”