Celebs use my matchmaking platform to find husband – Lege Miami

Nollywood actor and celebrity matchmaker, Adams Kehinde, alias Lege Miami, has revealed that entertainers often ask him to find them a partner via his matchmaking platform.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Lege explained that his online dating platform is not just used by ordinary citizens, but by celebrities as well, especially women.

According to him people like Eniola Badmus, Wumi Toriola and others have reached out to him, and he was able to connect Eniola with a man even though she is really picky.

Celebs use my matchmaking platform to find husband - Lege Miami

He said; “I don’t joke with what I do, as regards matchmaking. That is because I have been able to gain the trust of people. They are comfortable reaching out to me, and asking me to help them find partners, who are interested in serious relationships. And, I get that for them.

“Celebrities such as Bimbo Thomas, Wumi Toriola, Folorunsho Adeola (Arike Gold) and Eniola Badmus have also reached out to me. But, Eniola Badmus is very picky; though I have connected her to someone. However, I don’t know what is happening between them.”

The influencer also admitted to being aware that some of the people who made use of his platform were out to deceive innocent people.

Lege Miami recalled; “Some of them are Internet armed robbers, because they would go through my comments section, see someone they like and send the person a message without my knowledge. If things go well between them, I don’t get to know. But, if things turn sour, they begin to call me out, and I don’t like such. Most of the people who fall victims to things like that actually bypass the process.

“I have testimonials of those I have match-made together, who are doing well. But, because most of them are wicked, I would only hear from a third party that a couple I linked together are married. But, when I try calling them out, they begin to apologise, saying they don’t want people to know. They would then compensate me.”

In another news…

CorrectNG reported earlier that the Nigerian content creator, Miami, dismissed speculations that his online dating platform promotes ‘hookup’.

Lege Miami said he launched the matchmaking programme to bring people together for serious relationships that could lead to marriage and that is what he’s been doing.

He made the clarification in an interview where he revealed that he’s gotten testimonials from people he matchmade and ended up getting married.

He said; “If you check my YouTube channel, you will see that it is not meant for hook-up, but matchmaking for people who actually want to get married.

I have never done ‘hook-up’. My platform is for people who are serious about getting married. I also have testimonials from people who got married through the platform and are living happily.”