Celebs are using your resources to make their kids lives better than yours – Seun Kuti

Popular Afrobeats musician, Seun Kuti has advised Nigerians to not allow politicians, actors and musicians to direct their lives.

He took to his social media page and penned an eye-opening message that entertainers and political office holders are using the peoples resources and support to secure British and American citizenship for themselves and their children.

Seun said that when the people realise that they are being used by public figures who don’t want their children to mingle with the common man’s child then they will be sensible enough to stop letting them dictate the direction of their life.

He wrote; “When you realize that all your actors musicians, influencers,comedians, politicians and business leaders are using your resources and support to become British and American citizens so their children don’t exist with yours maybe you will have sense enough to stop allowing them direct your life!!! “

In other entertainment news, Big Brother Naija star, Boma Akpore, says he needs a person with conscience and who has the interest of the country to be the president.

He stated this in an interview which happened before the February 25 general elections as he noted that all past leaders have failed the people.

Boma explained that if Nigeria is working properly it will spread to every sector and bring about the desire progress.

Speaking on the type of president he things the country needs, Boma said; “Hopefully, we can elect the person who can take us to the promised land. And most importantly, it won’t be empty promises this time.

All our past leaders have failed us woefully. If the nation is well, it will spread positively to every sector; not just the entertainment industry. I am more focused on a leader with conscience, who has the interest of the country at heart.”