CCTV captures moment pig changed to man at night (Watch)

A video which surfaced on social media shows the mysterious moment a shape shifting occurred from animal to human form.

A nearby Closed-Circuit TV camera captured a warthog walking along an isolated pathway and changing into a man in the middle of the night.

There was a cat which walked behind the pig and seemed to express shock when it changed into an animal and walked into a compound.

The cat just kept staring at the man as he opened the gate and entered a house shortly after the transformation.

Social media users are divided on the authenticity of the clip as some refused to believe it is real while others claim to have witnessed or heard of similar occurrence.

Watch the clip below:

mike_kruz07; Bruh changed from an Anime Character into a GTA character in 3 secs🤦🏾‍♂️

skyqueendiva; Wahala na me be that I go find food for my neighbor house

cd_accessories.ng; I wanted to say it’s a lie. But the cat was shook as well

victilar; Shape shifting is real don’t be deluded its not only human and its not only physical dimension 🤩

vendorsinlagosng; If you believe this BS then you should also believe my mum is a virgin 😒

a.d_dress; I have seen this years ago, a cat changed to a woman in the middle of the night when I went to pee as a little child, my family don’t believe it. I still remember that event clearly

miz_lale; Is the cat in the back ground that would make me believe this is true cause the poor was shock too.

oh_ansley; What will you do if you were the cat

wushbab; Check his shadow after transforming .. he forgot to erase the shadow after leaving😂😂😂 dark floor.