Catholic priest refuses to give communion to parishioners without PVC (Video)

A Reverend father has introduced a policy that ensures members of the congregation will receive holy communion only if they have their Permanent Voters Card (PVCs).

The priest disciplined parishioners who trooped out to the altar to collect communion during mass without the voters card.

A video making the rounds on social media captures the moment he asked church members coming to collect the body and blood of Christ if they have their voters card and anyone who doesn’t have is sent back.

He could be seen using a palm to flog a lady who confidently walked up to the altar only to reveal that she does not have a PVC.

Other parishioners who were in the same category were left with no option than to run back to their seats when they saw how the cleric reacted.

Watch the video below:

In related news, Big Brother Naija star, Natacha Akide, popularly called Tacha, has embarked on a fresh Permanent Voters Card (PVC) sensitization.

She took to the streets of Lagos to conduct an interview and find out those Nigerians who have their PVCs.

In June 2022, the BBNaija alumni did something similar when she visited her community in Rivers State and enlightened her people about their voting power.

In a video making the rounds on social media, Tacha could be seen doling out cash rewards to random people who showed her their PVCs.

The reality TV star said she’s not giving out money because she has too much, but because she cares about the future of Nigeria, and wants others to care as well.

Addressing people on the street, Tacha also appealed to everyone to vote with their conscience because it is in the interest of their children born and unborn.

She chided those yet to collect their voters card and stressed that any eligible citizen who doesn’t have a PVC is one of the problems of the country.

When the reality star visited Rivers state last year, the Port Harcourt First Daughter as she calls herself, shared some food items to residents.

She said; “I’m not doing this because I have too much.. I’m doing this because I understand how important it is to sensitive the LOCALS! If God has blessed you, use it to do GOOD! See you tomorrow DEGEMA! Nigeria will be great AGAIN!

“I called @mr_2kay just few nights ago about my plans to go to my community to sensitize the locals!.. He flew all the way down to not only perform but talk to the locals still on importance of getting their PVCs. Thank you @mr_2kay Nigerians do not take this for granted.”

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