Catholic Priest dies after spending night in hotel with unknown woman

The mysterious death of a Kenyan Catholic Priest identified as Joseph Kariuki Wanjiku, after lodging into a hotel with a yet-to-be identified woman, has raised questions.

Police reportedly launched an investigation into the incident which happened at Monalisa Hotel Delview in Gatanga in Nairobi on Friday, July 8, 2023. It was alleged that the 43-year-old cleric from St. Peters Ruai checked in with his 32-year-old girlfriend when he suddenly developed health problems.

According to a police report, Wanjiku suddenly experienced dizziness, prompting the lady to contact the hotel management for assistance. He was rushed to Kenol Hospital in Murang’a in his vehicle, but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

“One Joseph Kariuki Wanjiku aged 43yrs old, a Catholic priest at Archdiocese of Nairobi and a farmer at Mangu area checked in at the said hotel together with his girlfriend who also happens to be his colleague at the workplace in Ruai.

“Then, this morning (Saturday) at around 0800hrs, the priest’s girlfriend notified the hotel management that the boyfriend was dizzy and getting unconscious so that they could rush him to the hospital. They then rushed him to Kenol Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival,” the police report read.

IG user eldoradogroups commented; It’s time catholic to allowing father’s to be getting married

benny_chinonso; This might just be the result of breaking his personal covenant with God; that anyday he meets with a lady, let God take his life🤔. Mercy upon his soul IJN🙏

_mrkrazy; Let the pastors and priest breath please don’t surfucate them

cutehephzylite; My Judgement will begin from my house… The sifting has begun… More false prophets will be exposed.

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According to reports, he lives in the abroad and flew down to Nigeria as surprise to do the traditional marriage, but decided to test her one last time.

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