10 categories of people you will see at the ATM

10 categories of people you will see at the ATM

No doubt we have different types of people in the world with different behaviours and attitudes. The ATM is another port where you meet with a different category of people. The ATM is an electronic machine that dispenses cash (money) to users. The machine is also able to send out cash from one user account to another, you can also pay some bills and recharge via the ATM and checking of bank account statement can also be done with the ATM.

If you do make use of the ATM frequently, you will know the different type of people found in the ATM that I am about to list out here.

Below is a list of the 10 categories of people you will meet at the ATM.

1. The extra-careful users

These categories of people are very annoying. They do not have much to at the ATM stand, but they try as much as possible to be extra careful. You will notice them closely looking at the ATM screen as if they want to eat the ATM. These people waste a lot of time punching the ATM. I am sure you must have noticed these categories of people in the ATM.

2. The “Bank Looters”

These set of people can make you wait and pee in your body. They are classified as the CBN looters because they have come to withdraw the whole money in the bank and even withdraw the ATM. They have come to withdraw a huge amount of money like 300k, 400k etc. You will think they have finished withdrawing, but surprisingly, you will see them punching the ATM buttons to withdraw another set of money. It becomes more annoying in a situation where the ATM is only dispensing 10k each. In this kind of situation, you will see the other people in the queue shouting, “Oga na wetin” while some will be praying in their heart, “O God please let the money still remain in the machine”.

3. The fast users

I love these categories of people. They are the kind of people you pray to meet at the ATM stand. These people get to the ATM, do what they came to do and within the space of 120 seconds, they are through. These categories of people are the types that will get to the ATM and start thinking of what and what to do. They are very fast and accurate and they give hope to the other users standing in the queue.

4. The ATM learners

These are other funny categories of people who have informally called JJC in Nigeria. When they get to the ATM, they begin to look for who will help them in the ATM not minding the queue. These categories of people spend a lot of time and some will spend close to 2 hours in the ATM. The biggest problem with these categories of people is that they will never come when the ATM is scanty. You will see them coming in when the ATM queue is filled up.

5. The confused types

These people show an attitude of self-confidence but once they get to the ATM, you will notice that they are not familiar with the ATM. You will see them punching any button in the ATM as if they are fighting with the ATM. They keep on trying and once they see the other people in the queue have started shouting, they will now be like, “Pls come and see, like it’s not paying”. They will not call for help till they see the struggle with the ATM is heading nowhere. These people are very annoying and if you are not the patient type, you may want to slap the hell out of them.

6. The account balance checkers

These categories of people do not actually waste time. All they come to do at the ATM is to check how much they have left in the bank account.

7. The ATM doubters

These categories of people are very annoying. They doubt a lot. You will notice that before they withdraw their money, they will first of all check how much is in their account and then do plus and minus before concluding on how much to withdraw. When the ATM brings out their money, they will stay there and count every piece of that money from A to Z; before they leave the ATM, you will also notice that they will check how much is left in their account; Once the ATM releases their card, they will take a critical look at it to know if it’s still in good condition. These people are really the problems you face when you go to the ATM. They spend hours in the ATM not minding other people waiting to use the ATM.

8. The stubborn ones

These ones will keep slotting in their ATM cards even after the machine tells them “Issuer or switch inoperative” or something else that implies they cannot withdraw. Some keep trying for up to 10 times. They never give up until they’re shouted at.

9. The ATM lurkers

These categories of people are so annoying. When they come to the ATM, they will not remain in the queue. You will see them patrolling around like people selling lands. When it gets to your turn to use the ATM, they will show up and tell you it’s their turn. If care is not taken, you may even be pushed back to the last position in the queue because of these categories of people.

10. The ATM beggars/Liars

I call these categories of people beggars and liars. When they come to the ATM and see a very long queue, instead of joining the queue, you will notice them going to meet the people at the front begging to use the ATM quickly due to one reason or the other. Some of them can lie about anything just to convince you to allow them to use the ATM first.

When you get to the ATM, these are the 10 categories of people you will meet there. Which other categories of people do you know and which one do you belong? Use the comment box and please hit the share button.


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    Oloye 9 months ago

    Category 11. Those who come around seeking whom to exchange fake notes with. They’ll tell you something like ” bros, please I have ten thousand naira cash with me. Since you want to withdraw, take the cash and transfer the ten thousand naira to my account…” So you fallibly collect FAKE NOTES.

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    Wilson 9 months ago

    I belong to category 3

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    Itz pere-ebi ozori 9 months ago

    Noted… Nice info