Carter Efe shares his international passport to prove he’s 21 years old

Nigerian content creator and musician, Oderhohwo Joseph Efe, popularly called Carter Efe, has replied those doubting that he is 21 years old.

It may be recalled that he celebrated his birthday in September 2022 and revealed that he clocked 21, but many people did not believe him.

Carter took to his Twitter page on May 31st and shared a snapshot of his international passport showing his date of birth.

It showed that he was born on 29th of September 2001, which proved that he is as young as he claimed to be.

The skit-maker said that if after he shared evidence and doubters still do not believe, then they can as well rest.

Carter Efe wrote; “If you nor still believe rest!”

See his post:

In other news, a man has lamented bitterly after finding out on his wedding day that the woman he married is eight years older than him.

He explained that she loves wearing makeup day and night so he never saw her natural face until their wedding night.

The heartbroken man wrote to US-based relationship expert and cleric, Shola Adeoye and appealed to him to advise men against marrying a woman who is obsessed with makeup.

According to him, his wife entered the bedroom after taking a shower for the first time in his presence and he was shocked to see her makeup-free face.

He said; “Dr. Shola, please advise men not to marry any woman who is always on makeup night and day. They must see the natural face.

It was after the wedding I found out my wife was 8 years older than me. She entered the bedroom after taking a shower, and I was shocked to see a stranger. I am disconnected, and I am bitter now.”