Carter Efe seen with Berri Tiga amid ‘Machala’ royalty dispute (Video)

In what many are calling a publicity stunt well played, comedian turned singer, Carter Efe has been seen in a video with singer, Berri Tiga just days after they clashed online again.

CorrectNG reported that Tiga recently resumed dragging Carter Efe over their copyright saga on the song, Machala.

He claimed the comedian turned singer gave him N200,000 as 30 percent royalty from the earnings generated by the hit track.

Speaking during an Instagram live session, Berri slammed Carter Efe for giving him a very laughable amount.

He lamented over being cheated out of getting his fair share from the song which rose up to the number one spot on streaming platforms.

Berri Tiga mocked the skit-maker by saying that music business does not operate the same way as the online comedy industry

The ‘God’ singer used reference from the internet and wondered if the money Carter Efe sent to him is meant for ‘garri or eba’.

However, a fresh video which surfaced online shows the duo acting playfully while promoting the the vocalist’s new song.

Watch the video below:

This also comes after Carter Efe issued a stern warning to Berri, saying he should stop using his name to chase clout.

He lambasted the singer for insisting on his claim that he (Carter) gave him only 5% out of the earnings from their hit song, Machala.

The content creator threatened to get Tiga arrested or use soldiers to punish him if he continues to go online and make unsubstantiated claims.