Carter Efe is an abusive partner – VeryDarkman claims (Video)

Nigerian activist, VeryDarkMan has alleged that famous skit-maker and artiste, Carter Efe, is abusive towards his baby mama, Nuella.

He made the claim in a video posted on social media while reacting to the leaked footage of American rapper, Diddy assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Cassie.

VeryDarkMan condemned the musician’s actions and pointed out that such abusive behaviour is also the norm in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Carter Efe is an abusive partner - VeryDarkman claims

According to VeryDarkman, he heard that Carter Efe does the same to his girlfriend and mother of his child, and has mentally manipulated her to the extent that she cannot leave him.

The influencer expressed the belie that if one conducts an interview on women who have dated Nigerian male celebrities, they will discover how violent they can be.

He advised women to always run at the first sign of domestic abuse as such a man will never change regardless of how many times he promises to.

Watch him speak: