Cab driver shares money he received as reward for returning passenger’s valuables

A young Nigerian man identified as Maxwell has appreciated a taxi driver, Haruna Micah Daniel for returning his bag which contained valuable items.

He said that he forgot his bag containing a laptop, school certificates and other gadgets for work, and when the cab man saw it in his car he took the bag to Ordinary Ahmed Isah of Brekete Family TV.

Maxwell visited the studio few days ago to retrieve his lost property and met Haruna there as well. He appreciated the man for his kind and honest action.

According to him, the taxi driver was given N5000 by Brekete family to commend him for the display of honesty and he shared N3000 to people in the studio who needed assistance.

The post reads; “Few days ago, I forgot my bag in the car of Mr Haruna Micah Daniel at about 11pm while I was on transit. The bag contained my laptop (my office), my original school certificates, research work and many other gadgets and valuables. Mr Micah took it to Brekete Family TV where the missing item was announced and today I picked it up.

Thus tweet is entirely in appreciation of Mr Micah who in his way of natural kindness, ensured I got my property back. He is one amongst many and I’m happy to have met him.

Mr Micah also drove me in his car from the Studio to my office and the N5,000 he was given from the studio, he shared N3,000 out of it to the people there who ‘needed it more’. He’s a kind man.

Thanks to everyone who reached out to me when it was announced and I want to apologize to my clients whose jobs I’ve left pending and unattended to due to this.

In Mr Micah’s words “I appreciate people who enter my car and are patient for me to get other passengers, why would I take their properties”.

Show a little kindness today.”