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Busted: Nina photoshops her pictures to give herself a curvy hips



Hips don’t lie… Walai, it’s like Nina’s hips are lying… lol

BBNaija 20818 finalist, Nina Ivy, yesterday took to her Instagram page to share some photos of herself to the viewing pleasure of her followers but something else caught the attention of some witty followers.

It seemed as if the photo had been ‘doctored’ and fans were quick to spot the rather strange deformation of the door behind her, and even her arm. (Photos below, Look at her Right Arm in the first picture).. and in the second picture, look at the door)[AdSense-A]

She’d shared the photo with the caption ; We May Encounter Many Defeats But We Must Not Be Defeated.”

However, after seeing the ‘negative’ comments on her photo, she disabled the comments.

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