Businesswoman vows never to lend men money even in dire situations

A Nigerian entrepreneur simply known as Lola, has said she does not give men loans even if they are in life and death situations.

The cosmetologist said she blocks any man that tries to borrow money from her because she’s had some terrible experiences in the past which she regrets.

According to Lola, she would prefer if they ask their family members or friends to loan them money instead of her.

She wrote; “I don’t borrow men money, even if they are dying. Go ask your family and your guys. Right now, the moment any man asks me for money, I block him.

I’ve had my fair share of nonsense that I still regret till date. God forbid. Crazy thing is there are too many chronic borrowers and shameless debtors out here now and the signs are always there.”

In related content a Nigerian lady simply known as Kemi, has said she no longer buys gifts for men due to what she observed which is that they are unappreciative.

She took to her Twitter page and shared past experiences with two of her former boyfriends in a bid to drive home her point.

Kemi said she bought a shirt for one of her exes only for her to visit his house some other day and see that he has turned it to rag.

She also narrated how she gifted another boyfriend a birthday cake but he gave out the pastry to his neighbours in her presence.

According to her, these incidents are what formed the basis for her decision and ever since then she has not given a single gift to any man.

Kemi tweeted; ”I stopped buying gift for men since my two worst experiences. I got a tshirt for the first one and the next time I visited, it was his rag, I got a birthday cake for the second one and he gave it out to his neighbors in my presence. Ever since then I vowed never to get men gifts.”

When netizens started lambasting her, saying it was a lousy reason for not giving her boyfriends anything, she replied; ”Everyone trying to defend what’s not and I can’t reply to all so I will just put this here. Regardless of what ever.. those things costs me money. A little gratitude would go a long way even if it’s pretending.”

When @emmofie asked; So if they have been buying you iPhones, bags, shoes, expensive hangouts they should jump up because you bought them a N700 tshirt?

@TheOnlyKemi said; “For your information, they have never given me a penny.. and no it wasn’t 700 naira T-shirt, I’m not your cheap girlfriend.”

More Twitter users shared their thoughts in the comment section.

@OkoyeCardinal; Ask your man what he likes, I once gave out a birthday cake to my colleagues. Someone like me, I prefer bucket of egusi soup over cake.

@_Copah_Jay; Honestly for me that isn’t used to getting gifts. I really do appreciate everything little given even if it’s a card cos it’s way beyond the gift but the intention towards it. People should be humane enough not to hurt others trying to be good.

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