Businessman to sponsor education of Keke rider who returned his N15m

A commercial keke rider who went viral for returning a passenger’s N15 million which he found in his tricycle, has revealed that the owner offered to train him in school.

Auwalu Salisu said the Chadian businessman who gave him N400,000 for returning the money, promised to train him from Senior Secondary one (SS1) till he completes High school.

He revealed that he dropped out of school in SS2 because his parents could not afford to continue paying his school fees.

Keke rider return15m

According to the 22-year-old keke driver, his benefactor also said he will support him throughout his endeavour in the university.

In response to whether he chose keke riding over schooling, Auwalu said; “Is there anyone in the world who would prefer to be illiterate instead of being educated? It was never my intention to halt my educational journey. It was due to financial difficulties.

I discontinued schooling when I was in Senior Secondary School Two because my parents couldn’t afford to sponsor my third year at school. If I received sponsorship at that time, I would have returned to school. However, I have already found a sponsor. The individual whose money I returned promised to sponsor my education from SSS One to Three in a private school and has also pledged to support all my endeavours in a higher institution.”

He also confirmed that the Kano Matchmaking Marriage Association, (Mai Dalilin Aure), asked him to marry four wives and noted that he may take up the offer.

Auwalu said; “Yes, it is true. They offered me four women to marry, even the chairman of the association said his two daughters were included. However, I am not prepared for that commitment. Despite appreciating their gesture, I am not ready at this moment. But I may reconsider it in the future.”