Businessman laments over how his wife turned him into a maid in his house

A businessman known as Maximus has narrated how he made a deal with his wife which turned out to work against him.

He shared the story on Twitter and said that they agreed to equally do house chores and anybody who faulters would pay $20 as a fine.

Max said that often times, his wife breached the agreement and paid the fine, but he kept to his end of the deal and was doing house chores.

He eventually realised after some time that she turned him to a housemaid as he was the one doing the chores while she was just paying the fine for defaulting.

“Wife and I have chore penalties: pay $20 for failing to complete an assigned task on the day. This was her idea, but the overwhelming majority of the breaches have been by her.

It has now occurred to me that I’m being paid to be a maid because she doesn’t mind the fines at all,” he wrote.

Meanwhile a Nigerian man has appealed to the public to support his upcoming wedding financially because he is incapable of handling it all by himself.

The guy sent an email to a Non-governmental organisation, Halal Foundation to intercede on his behalf and make his situation known to Nigerians.

In a letter he wrote, the Kaduna state indigene revealed that his wedding is coming up on 3rd of March, 2023.

He said his parents died when he was still in secondary school and he expressed hopes of getting the support he needs.

The man also listed items which are needed for the wedding and released the prices in dollars.

Most of the items of the list are clothes and clothing accessories which range from $50 to $100 while the one thing that stood our was his house rent which he said is $250 dollars.

Halal shared the letter on its Twitter page and wrote; ”A brother emailed us that he need your help for his marriage coming soon.”

The young man’s letter read in part:

Request for Marriage Funding Assistance

I, Hassan, am writing to beg financial support for my upcoming marriage. My parents died when I was in Senior Secondary two, and I am a native of Katsina State, Nigeria, where I had my elementary and secondary education (2). Later, I went to Polytechnic and earned a diploma in Computer Science.

I put my complete mind and confidence on your side, knowing that by God’s grace, you will help me opt out of the crucial circumstance I find myself in with whatever you intend to provide me as my marriage will be done on March 3rd, 2023 by next year by God’s grace.

I would be quite grateful if you could support and assist me in carrying out my marriage without the need for a loan from a bank or making me feel concerned.