Business mogul to cater for Kenyan lady’s child denied by Cubana Chief Priest

A Nigerian businessman living in South Africa, Charles Awuzie has offered to take care of the welfare of Cubana Chief Priest’s alleged baby mama and child.

The Co-founder of Transhuman coin said that he will handle the Kenyan lady’s upkeep since the club owner is refusing to accept responsibility.

Charles made the offer via his Facebook page after learning that she was stranded and did not have any money to feed herself and the baby.

He asked people to help him locate her but added that if she rejects his offer than it means she had ulterior motive for calling out Chief Priest.

Awuzie wrote; “Since Cubana Chief Priest has denied that the child with the Kenyan lady is his, I am offering to help with the child’s upkeep. Kenyans are the brightest minds on the continent and a Kenyan sister can’t be left stranded with a new born in Nigeria just because the man she believes to be the father is denying responsibility. If she’s still stranded in Lagos, I will help to get the Kenyan government to fly her back home.

If the girl Doesn’t take my offer, it then means that this could be just another plot to pull Cubana Chief Priest down which will be unfair. Dear Kenyans on my page, if you can recognise the sister in the picture, please let me know and we will try to assist her.

To Cubana Chief Priest, your long post was unnecessary. You started by insulting people who give birth in Nigeria and Kenya as if there’s anything special with sending your wife to America to have a baby – you should actually be ashamed that your wife can’t give birth at home but runs to America to have her children which puts her life at risk during the long flights as a pregnant woman. Some of the things you guys do because you have little money is actually shameful.

The same way that I am ashamed of my own son not wanting to come to Nigeria but holds 2 citizenships outside of his home country. This is a shame to us and not a thing of pride. So next time, don’t tell us how rich you are, simply say “I am not responsible for the lady’s pregnancy and I am not interested in DNA “.

Then move on with your life until the mother decides to go to court. And this is for other men out there, if a woman says you are responsible for their baby and you once had sxx with her without protection, please treat the woman with humanity. She’s someone’s daughter. She deserves some closure. Privately arrange DNA and confirm paternity. My offer to the mother includes helping to get her back to Kenya safely and ensuring that she is well settled down in Kenya. My name is Charles Awuzie and I am Pan-African.”