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Burna Boy wasn’t paid to feature in Jerusalema remix – Singer, Master KG



Popular South African singer, Master KG, has said that Nigerian Grammy-nominated musician, Burna Boy was not paid to feature on the remix of his hit song, Jerusalema.

Although the original version of Jerusalema which was released in 2020 is a commercial success, the remix which features the self-acclaimed African giant, has surpassed the original song’s success.

Burna Boy in an Instagram post last year, noted that Jerusalema remix is certified gold in Austria, diamond in France and platinum in Belgium.

Speaking in an interview with The Punch, Master KG said the main reason there was no payment for the feature is because the original song was one of Burna Boy’s favourite music.

The South African artiste said; “I did not pay Burna Boy to feature on the remix of the song, Jerusalema. There was no paid fee for this feature to happen. The amazing thing about the song is that it was already popular. According to what I heard, the song was one of his favourite songs as well. It was so easy to make it work and make the collaboration a success. So, there was no payment for the feature.

“I also feel that the reason there was no money involved is because Burna Boy also loves the song and he related well with the song. It was not something he did for money instead he did it because it comes from his heart.”

Master KG further revealed that he was surprised when Burna sang in Zulu language on the song.

“I remember the first time I heard his verse, he sang in Zulu language and I was shocked. I asked him where he learnt the Zulu language from but he just said, ‘don’t worry about that. How do you feel about the song?’ It was amazing. A lot of people think that he asked me how to pronounce the words but he never did that, that shows you that he is an African man and the African giant. He showed that we are all one in Africa despite the languages we speak” he said.

He also revealed that his reason for featuring the ‘Dangote’ crooner on the song is because he is ‘one of the best of the in Africa.’

The multiple award-winning singer said; “The reason I asked Burna Boy to feature on the remix of the song, Jerusalema is because Burna Boy is one of the best in Africa and he is my brother. I felt that this song is not just a song for Master KG, it is a song for the world and in order to take it further into the world, I wanted someone from Africa to feature on the song; I could not think of anybody other than my brother Burna Boy for us to take the song further.

“My team reached out to him and he agreed. It was great because Burna Boy was also aware of the original song, it was not new to him so that also made things easier for him to relate and accept to be part of the song because it is something that he knew about. It was all good vibes. We shared ideas, he recorded the song and sent it back. He asked for my thought on his verse and I told him I was blown away.”

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