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Burna Boy is proof that humility gets you nowhere – Twitter user



A Twitter user has shared an opinion on the microblogging platform regarding Grammy award-winning Nigerian artiste, Burna Boy.

According to the tweep with username @_yourownrisk, Burna Boy is has been able to prove that being humble will not make one to get ahead in life.

This opinion sparked opposing comments on social media as some say his successes have no direct link with his boisterous nature.

The ”Dangote” crooner who describes himself as an African Giant, is known for often praising himself and bragging of his importance in the scheme of things, leading many to term him an arrogant man.

However, amid his perceived arrogance, the music star has gone on to bag wins career-wise, with respect to international collaborations, money-making deals and the latest being his win at the 63rd edition of the Grammy awards

Speaking on the heels of Burna’s recorded successes, @_yourown risk tweeted;

”Burna Boy is proof that humility gets you nowhere”

See some comments below..

@Gracebal0; Any man that leads his life with pride and ego will not make it far in life. It will be his doom. People resonate with those who are down to earth. Pride and ego never last. Even those who have the biggest fame or are rich enough to be proud make a conscious effort to stay humble

@mcnun; It’s too early to jump at this conclusion. He’s just starting his career. Humility is what would keep him in the game for the next 10years.

@BlayRichard; Or maybe the African definition or humility is what is the problem.

@IamEtubo; The funniest thing is, some people actually believe this iranu. Lmao

@c_ukonne; did he win because he wasn’t humble or did he win because he’s talented and hard working?

@Zeemiey; He became more recognized when he dragged Coachella for writing his name in small letters.

@Remzremzy; Humility without hard work is trash. Burna boy is so hard working and so confident. When you have so much confidence people feel you’re proud or rude.

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