Burna Boy called out for driving one-way with police escort (Video)

Nigerian Grammy winner, Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy, has come under heavy fire online for driving against traffic in Lagos state.

A video making the rounds shows Burna Boy in his Rolls Royce taking one-way with the aid of his security escort, who are police officers.

Burna Boy one way

The security personnel had to create a way for him to reverse and drive against oncoming vehicles to an unknown location.

Someone could be heard hailing the singer in the background of the trending clip, but he did not pay the person any attention, rather he was focusing on driving off.

Netizens criticised Burna and the police for breaking thr rules of the road which they are supposed to uphold.

Watch the video below:

Read comments…

@le_capone; Burna driving one way supervised by @PoliceNG. I never see organisation wey break law for this country like police.

@tundebakry; He dey break laws but when he dey overseas, he go dey form freedom fighter

@threefaceIdibia; Thy respect all the laws abroad but break every freaking law in their own countries. African Giant ? No. African Tyrant. Yes.

@EazyEphraim; I still blame our institutions for this nonsense sha…the assumption is, I can always bail myself out with money when caught🤦‍♂️

@MohamE_Official; It’s because we see am for video… This is regular practice for celebs with police convoy

@logical_pyper; Police wey Dey do body guards for well known cultist and yahoo boys

@gee_leda; Lord knows that i do not even blame Burna boy. The government has provided these things for him to enjoy.

He wont have to bother about breaking the law abroad because government take care of their part for him to still enjoy. So.. Dont be mad at him be mad at the failed state

@iamarvye; Is this right sir @Princemoye1. When the police are the ones breaking the law, how would ordinary citizens respect the laws? @BenHundeyin