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5 burn survivors living their dreams



There is a popular saying that beauty lies in the physical appearance and looks, however people who have suffered from burns are coming out daily to change the narrative.

It takes a lot to recover from burn and victims of burns usually become depressed and end up taking their lives. They usually become addicted to painkiller pills and cannot survive without it.

Here are five burn survivors who are not letting their scars get in the way of their dreams.

5. Kenny Matthew (Ken Dawg

At three years old, Kenny Matthews, from California, sustained life-changing injuries in a fire at home which killed his grandfather and left Ken disfigured for life. Ken said that all he remembers from the day when the fire occurred was him playing with his toys and watching TV while his grandfather was sleeping on a couch in the living room when he heard this big explosion and that’s when a window just burst out of nowhere and the flames came about. The blaze had burned over 85 percent of Ken’s skin, demolished his left leg and melted his finger. Ken has had over 200 reconstructive surgeries. However, Ken said he is happy to be alive.

4. Shalom Blac

She is popular youtuber and makeup artist. She got burned when she was nine years old at her mothers restaurant. A pan of hot oil fell on her and her younger sister. She has lot count of how many surgeries she has done to correct her burns. At a point she was suicidal but found strength in creating youtube videos.

3. Kechi Okwuchi

Kechi is a Nigerian American singer and one out of the two survivors of sosoliso airline crash that happened on the 10th of December 2005, the plane was carrying 110 passengers, pilot and cabin crew inclusive. According to her story, she has had over 50 surgeries to correct her scars. Her faith in God is her driving force and also the beautiful people she has around her. Kechi is not letting her scars stand in the way of her dreams. She was a finalist in 2017 season of America Got Talent.

2. Turia Pitt

Former model and athlete, she was Miss Austalia in 2017. In 2011 she had 65% of her body burned by a fire that happened in the path of a hundred kilometer ultramarathon of which she participated. Today is married and has a beautiful child. Taking about a true love story.

1. Obanye Francess Chizoba

Chizoba, a graduate of Biochemistry from the Anambra State University, has been living as a burn survivor since she was 9 years old – when her uncle’s wife poured acid on her and ran away after the incident. According to her, she meant to throw the acid on her brother, but she was scarred instead. Living your life looking different from others can be challenging, but Chizoba says she has never felt emotionally depressed because she understands that she cannot change the situation.

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