Build house for yourself before building for your parents – South African singer, Mokgatla

South African musician and poet, Matalane Mokgatla has dished some words of advise to young people about putting themselves first.

The entertainer urged those who have money to ensure that they build a home for themselves before building one for their parents even if they are the last born of the family.

In a post on his Facebook page, Mokgatla said it is not the responsibility of the children to erect houses for parents who could not do it themselves.

Build house for yourself before building for your parents - South African singer, Mokgatla

He said anybody who listens to his advise not to act based on emotions will thank him in the future, adding that people should not let their family manipulate them.

In his words; “Before building your parents a home start with yours even if you’re a last born, you’ll thank me later Don’t act by emotions it’s not your responsibility to do what your parents couldn’t do Don’t let them manipulate you”.

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@Malatjie_; There is no correct answer. We are from different backgrounds and family dynamics. It will therefore be different strokes for different folks. But if you build a house for family, please understand the fact that it is not your house.

@Senokwane7; Stvpid statement! If you build your house, you can loose it through a divorce, or debt. You can never loose your parents home no matter what. So it is up to any individual to decide what’s best for them.

@mickeydedrinker; Your siblings will come back to tell you. “This is my mother’s house.” They can even chase your kids away when you die, but no one will chase them from your own house.

@Techronic01; It depends we come from different families, backgrounds and our siblings are not the same. I believe start at home first, as it’s a place for everyone who might see flames in life and want to start afresh. Mina my mother and family first then after it’s my place.

@AwaitedOne1; Woke for nonsense “advice”. One of the reasons the youth is suffering today, is undermining of honorworthy traditions that gave birth to them. Showing honor to parents attracts blessings, favour, and prosperity. I.e. doors of opportunity just open that you never expected.