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Buhari abandoned me after I celebrated his re-election by drinking gutter water – Supporter

A Bauchi man who drank gutter water in 2019 to celebrate the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari, has expressed regret.

Aliyu Muhammed Sani said that he was abandoned after the incident happened four years and felt betrayed because no assistance was offered.

A video which went viral four years ago showed him inside a gutter drinking the water in in fulfilment of a vow.

Sani had vowed to spend some minutes inside a gutter and drink the drainage water if President Buhari won re-election.

The picture of Sani, who is also known as Ali Gayu Na Baba Buhari, doing the ‘4+4’ sign after emerging from the gutter went viral days after the poll.

However, four laters later, the man said he was left to die after the incident

Speaking on Thursday, March 23 in Bauchi, Sani said he dumped the APC for the PDP because all the people who made promises failed to deliver.

He said; “My name is Aliyu Mohammed Sani, popularly known as Ali Gayu Na Baba Buhari, but that was in the past.

“Almost everybody is aware that when Muhammadu Buhari won the 2019 election, I took bath and drank from the gutter in celebration of President Muhammadu Buhari’s election victory.

He added that many APC bigwigs he contacted kept on making empty promises while others claimed they could not assist him because he kept mentioning the contribution of Musa Azare, a member of the APC, to his life.

“That is why I am here to categorically state that from today, anybody who calls me or addresses me as Ali Gayu Na Baba Buhari will be sued in court.

“Now I have become Ali Gayu Na Baba Kauran Bauchi and Musa Ahmed Azare, the Jagaban of Jagaban Katagum. I congratulate the Governor on his re-election victory,” he said.