Bride’s father returns bride price to groom with warning (Video)

A Nigerian father has stirred reactions on social media because he returned his daughter’s bride price on the wedding day.

He attended the wedding ceremony with the money his son-in-law paid for her hand in marriage and gave it back to the groom while warning him to take care of his wife.

return bride price

In a video circulating on social media, the groom was told the dowry money was to add to what they had so that he will not starve his bride.

The bride’s family warned the groom that if his wife ever goes hungry, they would storm his house to take back their daughter.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, @AkposJim; This one na normal tradition for delta na ,we dey return some amount of money for u to know say we no sell our pikin

@ToluDaniel10; My Dad did this during my sister’s. I’ll do same for my daughter if I get one.

@official__GUYS; Unna no sabi this is common among our people? 😂 olodo ni yin. P.S:dowry in most parts of naija is not up to 1k, this shows the daughter is not been sold. Why?; (Godforbid) something bad happens, it is easy, convenient to return to the groom for their daughter to come back home

@Ogheneyole; To marry woman nah free normally, nah you want spend millions for reception and after party

@abiodun_promise; This is a Yoruba thing but they don’t do it in the open like this. Weldone to the man

@CROWNEDCHIEF; Make all of una shut up, it’s common in Yoruba this’s common in Esan that. Bullshiiiiiii. Why tell the guy to buy plenty things at the first place?

@OyorG20; Sometimes, it goes beyond food and care, also, it signifies that the lady is not totally yours, in the event that she passes unto glory, her body shall be returned to her family for burial.

@IdialuOgudo; That is Esan tradition they don’t sell their daughters. My dad also did same when giving out his daughter my sister out. Esan to the world.