Bride holds wedding with picture frame a day after kidnappers abducted her fiancé (Video)

A Nigerian bride has become a topic of discourse on social media platforms following her decision to hold a wedding without her husband who was kidnapped.

Her husband-to-be was said to have been abducted a day to their wedding, but rather than call it off, she proceeded in his absence using his framed picture.

The story was shared online by the event planner, Victorian Crystal, who revealed that it happened in between 5th and 6th January last year.

She shared a video of the bride dancing while she and her hubby’s frames were leaning against the marquee setup for the wedding.

Victorian wrote: “on the 5th of January 2022, bride’s husband got kidnapped a day to their wedding, 6th of January 2022, she did the wedding without her husband”

See the video below:

In other news, a man identified as Mubarak Saleh has narrated how a wedding almost crashed because the groom refused to provide the exact amount of money the bride’s family requested for purchase of perfumes.

He said the bride’s family asked the groom for N200,000 after he already paid dowry and delivered the boxed needed for the engagement ceremony in Maiduguri, Borno State.

The groom, who paid N200k dowry and N800k for boxes, said he can only give them N50,000, that if they would not accept it then the wedding can be called off.

But the bride’s father said perfumes should not be the reason the wedding is canceled so he collected the N50k.

Mubarak said; “A wedding almost crashed bcos of perfume (Turaren wuta). Bride family demanded 200k for d perfume, after paying dowry &d boxes (lefe). D groom said it’s either they accept 50k or call off d wedding, d bride’s father collected d 50k & said money for perfume won’t stop d wedding

Yes Maiduguri. After paying 200k dowry, 800k lefe, bride’s 200k for perfume (Turaren wuta), 50k refreshments, 70k for anko, separate money for her outfit on wedding day & kudin gyaran jiki (make up). And this for a low & middle income house. Dowry in rich houses is 700k-1ml

D aunties &brides mom were willing to call off d marriage bcos of 200k for perfume &d groom’s last cash was 50k. It was d bride’s dad that said if this opportunity is missed, she might not get another 1. D dowry was 250k &700k spent on lefe (boxes,clothes& cosmetics)”