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Bovi narrates a funny incident on how a man who came to help put out fire at his house, stole his phone



Top Nigerian comedian, Bovi, has recounted how a man who came to help put out the fire that engulfed his house yesterday, stole his phone.

However according to him, the man was caught red-handed after he noticed his phone was missing.

Here’s is what he wrote on his Snapchat post;[AdSense-B]

“My security hailed me ‘man on fire’ this morning! Then the following happened to his flat

Meanwhile I was wearing only boxers
Had to run upstairs first!

Street don gather now! Many advise, few volunteers!

Like Jack Bauer, I sha broke the door down so we could see the fire! Face to face!

Five minutes later; fire is off, but my phone is missing

Ringing and missing!

Phone off!!!

Over to iPhone finder! And it took us straight to wear the phone was

Alas one of our helpers! I just said ‘where’s my phone’! Ohhh ok na you get am’!

Slap was loading but alas, I’m a new creature! Halleluyah!”

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