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Bobrisky set to undergo full body surgery, says he wants men to spend all their money on him



Nigerian crossdresser and Instagram influencer, Bobrisky has announced plans to undergo another body reconstruction surgery.

The controversial internet celebrity took to his Instagram page and revealed that he will be going for another surgery in March.

Recall that Bobrisky revealed last year that he underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift and he shows it off any chance he gets.

According to him, the reason he wants to augment his chest area, hips and do liposuction amongst other procedures is because he wants rich men to ‘spend all their money on me’.

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In his words; ”Going for another surgery in March, I just wanna be a bad bi*ch nothing else. I want all dis men to spend all their money on me. Getting a br**st implant, I want those b**bs round and solid.

Jaw line need to be adjusted little bit Now that I’m more chubby I need one more liposuction to give me more curvy shape Hairline adjustments”

He added; ”@designerbodys I know you guys tried with my first surgery right but see that waist line I want it more tiny and snatch in March, then add more fat in that ass for me. Dis bitches need to know money can make you achieve any look on dis life.”

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