Bobrisky is proof that women have it easy in life – DeeOne

Big Brother Naija star and comic act, Adedayo Aderombi, aka DeeOne is of the opinion that being a woman is not difficult, and it has been proven through Bobrisky’s life as a crossdresser.

He noted how Bobrisky did not have any achievement when he was a man, but as soon as he switched to crossdressing and started parading himself as a woman, he began to get numerous opportunities.

Bobrisky is proof that women have it easy in life - DeeOne

The comedian spoke during a chat with Uriel on Inside Scoop by Pulse, adding that similar thing happened with American media personality, Bruce Jenner, (now Caitlyn Jenner).

DeeOne said one of the benefits of being a woman is that a man can just see a random female on the road or anywhere else and give her money.

He further mentioned that a man can favour Uriel for just being a woman, but she replied that she has never received such gifts from random men.

Watch the interview:

Meanwhile, in another news…

Nigerian actress and reality TV star, Ifu Ennada, has stated that since she gave her life to Christ, her journey has been beautiful.

Recall that in May 2022 and July 2023, the Big Brother Naija 2018 contestant announced that she is a born-again Christian while also celebrating her birthday.

Giving an update in a recent interview, she said even though she was insulted by people for her decision, it felt like God called her to Himself and she is glad that she is back with Christ.

According to Ifu, she experienced the high and low moments, but the new lifestyle has been refreshing for her in its entirety. Furthermore, the media personality said she cannot imagine her life without Christ, as she feels a bit more fulfilled.

It may be recalled that during her 32nd birthday, Ifu Ennada said she made the decision to be born again because she had lived a life that almost ended her.

“On this special day I’d like to announce that I’ve officially given my life to Christ. Yes I am born again. The past few years saw me stray from Christ and live a life that almost ended me, but His Mercy saved me and even though it’s not been easy overcoming my flesh and leading this new life, I’m committed to staying on the right path – the path to eternal life in Christ.

“There is a deep meaning behind these photos I’m using to celebrate my day and announce my new life, don’t be in a rush to condemn me without having an understanding of the message it carries,” she wrote.